5 things you could do with your Garage conversion

Here at Convert Your Garage we’re getting creative with our favourite five things that you could do with your converted garage.

Man Cave

Traditionally, garages have been the places in which men have claimed sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s definitely not an essential part of the house, but if you’re at a loose end as to what to do with your converted garage, turning it into a man cave is always a viable option. Kitted out with home cinema systems, drinks fridges, a pool table and a bar, man caves are the ultimate asylums for the modern man, and are becoming increasingly popular across the UK and particularly in the US.


We understand that man caves alienate one half of the population, so if you’re looking for a more unisex solution, why not think about turning your new found space into a gym area. For many, garages have been a dumping ground for sports equipment, so why not turn this on its head and use your garage space to get fit? Home gyms are becoming an increasingly popular option for fitness fanatics and as such equipment prices are dropping to meet the need. Why pay extra money for an expensive gym membership when you could get fit in your converted garage? Plus, you won’t waste any money on petrol getting there and back!

Recording Studio

It used to be that you had to remortgage your house in order to pay for all of the equipment for a recording studio. The mixing desk, the microphones, the soundproofing and the rack mounts. However, these days you can do all of this on your compact laptop (apart from the soundproofing, of course). Ed Sheeran recorded his multi-platinum album ‘+’ in his producer’s back garden, so what’s stopping you recording your masterpiece in your converted garage?

Extra Lounge

It’s time to get sensible. Let’s face it: when faced with the extra space that comes when you convert your garage, most of us will put it to a much more sensible use like an extra lounge, dining room or bedroom. While all of the above seem so appealing, it’s much more likely that this is the sort of thing it will be used for and rightly so! You can’t relax in a gym or a recording studio, and unfortunately a man cave can’t really double up as a family room.

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