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Convert Your Garage was formed by Jim Allsop in 2002 with the purpose to initially provide a wide range of services throughout the construction industry.

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Jim spent his school holidays and weekends working with his father gaining experience in the ‘building world’ from the tender young age of 13. At the age of 30 Jim set up Convert Your Garage and found himself converting garages as people were not using them for their cars as they were not big enough and instead were using them as a storage ‘shed’.

Garages these days are used as a dumping ground as you simply cannot use them for your car as you bump the doors every time you get in and out due to the garage not being wide enough. Converting the garage to a habitable room with a matching front window and brickwork, all thoroughly insulated with a heating system and door opening formed from the hall for example walking onto a flush floor with lighting and all units boxed in with open access certainly makes the space much more comfortable and adds value to the house.

Convert Your Garage have completed approaching 1000 garage conversions, and counting, and also provide a 10 year insurance backed guarantee with conversions carried out.

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