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    Dear Jim,

    I need you to lend me your ear, to coin a well used Phrase. Your boys, are nothing other, completely and utterly fan f*****g tastic. I am bowled over at them. The professionalism, the workmanship and the speed of which they work. I have never been so impressed, so grateful and so happy to have work done on my house as I have this week.

    In particular Nick is empirical (am I using the word correctly?) for your business. If I was running your show I would want those boys as first contact and mediators too. Top lads. Good choices with them. Ian, good lad and great sparky, was chatting and watching him work and as a sparky I was very impressed with his skill set and speed. 10/10.  Sam, genuinely nice bloke, always hardworking and courteous, did a lovely job, went above and beyond as far as I am concerned. I didn’t get the other lads names but I was impressed with them all, however the above names needed to be singled out for their amazing workmanship and attitudes. I would recommend a half eaten mars bar split equally between them as a reward, but I’m sure you already have that covered sir. 😉

    You run a good ship sir, I am proud to be flying the Convert Your Garage flag.

    If you want references for you website please make us your first point of call sir.

    I tip my hat and salute you Jim,

    Thank you so much,

    Eddy and Michelle Kirby