Can A Garage Conversion Ever Feel Like A “Real” Room?

If you’ve ever considered a garage conversion, but haven’t gone through with it, what’s stopping you? Is it that you’re not convinced a garage will feel like a proper room of the house? If so, think again…

Use experienced garage conversion experts such as Whitefield-based Convert Your Garage and this is something you won’t have to worry about. They’ve converted garages throughout the Manchester area, and each one has not only met stringent building regulations – the excellent workmanship and great customer service has delighted many previous clients.

So what is it that Convert Your Garage do that makes their garage conversions such an unquestionable success?

Installing electrical lighting and power points One thing that your room will need to feel like a “real” room is electricity, specifically lighting and plug sockets. As part of your garage conversion, Convert Your Garage can sort out all the electrics for you.

Plumbing in your garage conversion If you intend to make your newly-converted garage into a kitchen, bathroom or even a wet room, you’ll need professional plumbing installed. Convert Your Garage’s experienced team can carry this out for you.

Installing windows into your converted garage If your garage has any windows at all, they’re likely to be small and unappealing. Use Convert Your Garage and they’ll install new windows and carry out all necessary brickwork, ensuring you get plenty of natural light (and perhaps a view out to your garden) in your garage conversion.

Insulation – keeping your garage conversion warm You don’t want your converted garage to be as cold as your unconverted garage – after all, if you’re adding a room to your house you’ll want it to be somewhere you’ll be comfortable spending long periods of time. For this reason, Convert Your Garage can install ceiling and wall insulation while carrying out your garage conversion. They can also install a radiator, to help make your new room really warm and cosy.

A new floor To feel like part of your house and not just somewhere that used to be a garage, you’ll require suitable flooring. Convert Your Garage install this as part of the garage conversion process. Try to choose flooring that’s similar to that throughout rest of your house to ensure your new room feels like part of your home.

So if you’re based in or around Manchester, and you wish you could have an extra room in your house, speak to Convert Your Garage. Their experienced team’s incredibly high standards, superb customer service and exacting attention to detail mean you’re not just getting a garage conversion – you’re getting an inviting, fully-functional room. You’ll soon wonder how you managed without it!

But don’t just take our word for it. Find out more about Convert Your Garage’s garage conversion process and read great testimonials from delighted customers across Manchester at