Can’t afford to move but need more space in your home?

There are many people in today’s society that feel that they need more space in their home, but simply cannot afford to upsize to a bigger house. Are you one of these people? Then converting your unused garage into a habitable room may just be the solution for you!

What are the different options for me?
There are many different choices for you and your house is your oyster! You can convert your garage into whatever room you feel will be the most beneficial for you and your family.

A bedroom…
Are your kids having to share a room and getting to the age where they need their own space? Or do you simply want a room where friends and family can stay whenever needed.
Converting your garage into a room is the perfect answer for your changing needs and here at Freeform Construction we can work with you to create the room you’ve been waiting for!

A living room or play area…
Do you need a space where you can sit and relax with your loved one after a long day? Converting your garage into a living room may be the best solution for you as this creates and tranquil escape where you can enjoy some quiet time reading a book or watching your favourite programme after a stressful day of work!
Do you want a space for your kids to enjoy playing with their toys without feeling like they shut up in their room? A playroom may be the best option for you! They can enjoy being free to play but you can still see them as you cook for your evening meal!

    • A few facts to know before you convert your garage
      You probably won’t need planning permission to convert your garage unless you are enlarging the size of your house.
    • Building Regulations are required for each and every garage conversion carried out. But we pay for, adhere to and inform building regulations so you don’t have to.
    • When forming an opening i.e. a new doorway into the garage conversion you don’t need to have a fire door – you can simply install an internal door to match your existing doors as once converted this room will be like any other room in your house.
    • Usually new windows installed must have a fire escape feature for means of escape should you need a speedy exit from the room.

Are you interested in converting your garage as you can’t afford to move but need more space in your home? Contact us here at Freeform Construction on 0161 766 6518 to see how we can help you achieve your ideal home. Alternatively visit our website to have a look at the other garage conversions we have completed in the past.