The Convert Your Garage team has worked on many garage conversions in Whitefield, across North Manchester and the North West. Garage conversion Whitefield is a great solution to maximise space usage in your property.  Very few people use their garages to store cars, either because the garages were designed for narrower vehicles or simply because we don’t have the time in our busy lives to stop, open the garage and then drive in.  What’s more, with the amount of traffic on the roads each morning, we just want to get in our cars and drive off so we can get to work on time.  It is fair to say that parking a car in a garage is a dying habit. So what do we use our garages for?

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What do you keep in your Whitefield garage?

In our experience, garages are generally used to store things we no longer use. Of course, there may be some bikes or outdoor toys and maybe some garden equipment, but does that really take up the whole garage? Convert Your Garage could provide you with a garage conversion for your Whitefield home that would still allow you to keep all the useful outdoor tools, equipment and toys but also provide you with some much needed extra space for your family. 

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Already using your garage as an extra room – why not get a conversion?

In some homes we have visited, we have found that people are already trying to use their garages for social events or for workouts, but it is drafty, dark and cold.  Imagine converting your garage into a room specifically to allow you to entertain your friends, for a teenage hangout, room for hobbies or even a home gym.  Convert Your Garage has been completing garage conversions in Whitefield and all over the North West for over 15 years, so we have created all kinds of new rooms in all variations of garages and homes.  What we find people are surprised to hear is really how little disruption it causes and how quickly it can all be completed.

How long will it take for a garage conversion of my garage in Whitefield?

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Usually, the team at Convert Your Garage can complete a garage conversion in a week, but obviously it depends on exactly what you require.  The first step is to arrange for Jim to visit your property and gain a full understanding of what you would like your room to be and the potential options available.  We will then provide you with a no-obligation quotation, which will cover the full details of what is included.  Once you are happy with the plans we can schedule your garage conversion into the calendar.  Please note that as we ensure our teams work on one job at a time we will be looking a few weeks in advance for your booking or even months in busy periods.  However, we consider this to be a good sign that we are in demand.  Always be suspicious if a builder says they can start work straight away! 

To find out more or book an appointment give us a call on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939.  You can also look at some of the rooms we have created with garage conversions.