Do you need an extra bedroom? Convert your garage.

So many people just use their garages to store things they rarely use or have even forgotten they had! Wouldn’t it make more sense to make better use of this handy space? At Convert Your Garage ( we specialise in doing just that. With over a thousand conversions spanning over a decade there is nothing we don’t know about converting your garage to make another usable room in your house. For more ideas take a look at our website

Why create an extra bedroom?

Sometimes there comes a time with a growing family when you really do just need an extra bedroom. Maybe to separate the teenager from a younger sibling or create a space for a nanny to help look after your young offspring. Or perhaps you feel it is time to treat yourselves to a new master bedroom with ensuite a little set apart from the rest of the family? Whatever your reasons and whoever it is for you will be creating an extra bedroom in your house, which will inevitably improve its saleability for the day when you do want to move on to pastures new. By using Convert Your Garage you can rest assured that you will be getting the best team for the job.

What is so special about the team at Convert Your Garage?

The team at Convert Your Garage are always tidy, prompt and deliver to the timescales agreed. We also pride ourselves in giving advice with setting up the room once it is completed. Our particular skill (aside from physically converting your garage) is that we spend time talking to each client to understand their motivation and requirements for converting their garage. Working across Manchester and the North West you will not notice our conversions as they blend well into the existing brickwork so you will never know that it was once a garage.

Features for your new bedroom & the benefits of having a downstairs bedroom

By discussing all the details and customer’s visions before beginning each project, we can often add extra ideas to make the final conversion even better than envisaged. You may be unsure of having your extra bedroom downstairs but there are many advantages to a ground floor bedroom. If desired Convert Your Garage can create a separate access giving a bit more independence for a grown up child or at the other end of the scale creating an element of privacy for an increasingly dependent elderly relative. Converting your garage to a downstairs bedroom is also the perfect solution if you have a family member who requires wheelchair access or is unable to climb the stairs. Whatever your situation the team at Convert Your Garage( can draw up a unique design to fulfil your requirements to suit your lifestyle.

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