Are you finding that there is an increasing demand on your bathroom use? As your offspring grow up or even move out and then come back, you may find that getting to use the bathroom at the time you desire becomes an increasingly tricky challenge, often resulting in an exchange of harsh words – which is never a good way to start the day! Have you considered using your garage space or some of that area to add an extra bathroom facility to your home and ease that cleaning congestion? The team at Convert Your Garage ( do nothing but ‘convert garages’ for a range of uses, but with plumbing and electrical skills they can turn your cluttered storeroom into a much more usable and functional space, which could enable you to live side by side with your family in much greater harmony!

Wet roomWhat is a wet room?

Whilst many people will be familiar with the term ‘wet room’ as they become an increasingly popular form of ‘open plan’ bathroom design, there may be those of you who have never seen or experienced this type of shower room layout, so let us look at the key features of a wet room.

A wet room encompasses a shower which is open so there are no trays acting as a trip hazard and there are no screens to clean. The floor is designed in such a way that all the water just drains back down the plug hole. The room would be tiled from floor to ceiling or alternatively you can select vinyl sheets or Corian which eliminates the need for grouting around tiles and helps to ensure your room is even more water tight. Before tiling or fixing your floor and wall coverings the lower areas in particular need to be waterproofed using a primer which forms a membrane for the tiles etc to then be fitted onto.

Spirit LevelThe skilled team of tradesmen at Convert Your Garage take great pride in their work and always finish their individual and team projects to a very high quality. With their knowledge and experience you know you will be getting a professional solution to meet your individual requirements. Don’t just take our word for it though – see what our other customers have said about our work

Why choose a wet room not just a bathroom?

Obviously ultimately the choice is yours and Jim and the team at Convert Your Garage will be very happy to fit the bathroom of your choice to suit your needs and desires. However let’s just look at why some people choose a wet room:

  • creates more space
  • easier to clean
  • contemporary and stylish
  • increases the value of your home
  • the floor is better protected than in a standard bathroom

So if you would like a quote to convert your garage into a wet room or any kind of bathroom then call Jim on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939. Alternatively email: