Why would you want to convert your garage into a utility room, you might be wondering?  Convert Your Garage is a specialist team of builders, plumbers and electricians who are experts in converting garages into usable rooms for your house and your family.  There are numerous reasons why you might choose to convert your garage into a utility room.  Here are a few questions to consider which might indicate why a utility room is a good solution for your family life…

Reasons to convert your garage into a utility room

  1. Do you have a dog?
  2. Do you have children?
  3. Do either of the above come in muddy or wet or both?
  4. Do any of your family play sports which result in muddy kit and boots?
  5. Do you need to do washing and have somewhere to dry it indoors?
  6. Do you or one of your family have a hobby that invariably results in getting muddy or oily hands that you don’t really want all over your kitchen?
  7. Do you or your partner work on a building site or in construction involving dirty boots and work clothes?
  8. Would you really like a tumble dryer but you don’t have space in your kitchen?
  9. Are you fed up of the washing machine being on full spin when you are having your tea or cooking?
  10. Do your work shirts or blouses often smell of last nights dinner?


Imagine if you could separate the above from your kitchen, so your laundry smells of clean laundry rather than onions, the dog’s/children’s mud is retained in one area and wet items can dry without dripping on your dinner!  At Convert Your Garage we speak to lots of people who would dearly like more space in their home but they don’t want to lose any of their garden by having an extension or indeed suffer the expense of extra building work and the stress of planning permission.  Often people don’t think about the option to convert their garage into a utility room, which saves a lot of the stresses which are often caused by having an extension and takes a fraction of the time.

The efficient team at Convert Your Garage can convert your garage into a utility room in just a week – start to finish.  We can make it to the exact specifications to suit your family needs – all you need to decide is what facilities you would like in your utility room – here are a few ideas:

  • space for a washing machine
  • space for a tumble drier
  • large sink for washing dirty clothes/kit/hands/paint brushes etc
  • a shower so you can throw the kids straight in as soon as they walk through the door
  • a toilet
  • cupboard to house your ironing board
  • space for drying/hanging wet coats
  • space for the dog’s bed


…and so the list goes on.  To discuss these options further and ask us about other ideas just give us a call to arrange a no obligation free quotation on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939.