Convert your garage into a dining roomConvert your Manchester garage into an office
If you work from home or you are considering setting up your own business or going freelance you are also probably contemplating where you are going to work. You may have the run of the house when everyone else is at work or school but what if you need to continue to work once they are all back in and the volume increases and bags and papers start taking over?  Converting your garage into a purpose built office could just be the solution.  Convert Your Garage ( have done many such conversions and provide a professional service, with attention to all the small details to ensure your garage conversion meets all your office needs.

Have you looked at the cost of renting an office in Manchester?

Rental costs of office space in Manchester can cripple a business before it has even got off the ground and yet you potentially have the space to create your own purpose built office right next to your house.  Just think – no travel costs, no rental costs, flexible hours to fit around family life – it really is the ideal solution.  If you are unsure about what you might need don’t worry the team at Convert Your Garage will think of everything and guide you through the process seamlessly, providing you with ideas to make your office bespoke to your requirements.

Factors to consider when converting your garage into a home office

Convert Your Garage take great pride in finishing each conversion so you can just move straight in, plug in your computer and get to work.  We will help you to set up your work space to ensure it works for your needs.  Here are some questions to consider to initially get you thinking about how to design your perfect home office:

  • Office conversion sockets and lightsHow many computers or devices – printers, scanners, telephones etc. do you have that need plugging in? Convert Your Garage will ensure you have plenty of sockets so you don’t overload one socket.
  • Do you need storage for files or samples, stock or just invoices? Convert Your Garage can build in cupboards and shelves to meet your requirements.
  • Would you like a separate entrance so clients can visit you without walking through the house?
  • Have you thought of having a small area for a sink and a kettle and maybe even a toilet so your office is self-contained?
  • How many windows would you like and would you like them to have blinds to provide some privacy?
  • Your work may be hands on rather than desk based so you may require space for a therapist bed, sewing machine or an easel. Whatever yourOffice windows for garage conversion requirements Electric boxConvert Your Garage (  will ensure your office is finished off ready for you to step in and set to work.

“I just can’t say how grateful we are for the amazing job that you have done for us at our home. The conversion of our two garages one to an office and one to a room with a en-suite has been amazing. What I am impressed with especially is the professionalism from your team.”

To obtain a free, no obligation quotation for converting your garage into an office in the Manchester area give Jim a call on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939. Alternatively, email: