Converting your garage into a home office is not as disruptive as you might think, if you ask the team at Convert Your Garage to help you.  Perhaps you have been considering working from home but you haven’t really got the space.  Or maybe you already work from home but you have to constantly move from one room to another to accommodate other family members or activities.  We are sure that this doesn’t make for a good working environment.  Have you thought of using your garage as a dedicated office space?  You could convert your garage to a home office providing you with a set working area – think of the benefits of that…

Benefits of converting your garage into a home office

Here are some of the benefits of engaging Convert Your Garage to provide you with a garage conversion to create your very own home office:

  • You will have a dedicated workspace:-
    • Instead of tidying all your papers into a box or bag at the end of each day you can have an organised filing and storage system, which you can even lock if necessary.
    • A clear desk set up with stationery, laptop and whatever else you need without spending quarter of an hour or more finding everything you need each morning.
  • You can shut yourself away from distractions from other family members during the day.
  • By sitting at a purpose built/designed desk with a proper desk chair you will probably find that your posture improves and you might even stop getting back/neck ache, this will also help your comfort in the medium to long term.
  • Holding business phone calls or taking conference calls in an open area can be difficult for both you and those trying to share the space, but in your own home office you have the quiet and confidentiality you might need.

What if my work does not require a home ‘office’?

If you are looking to set up work from home but your line of business does not require the standard ‘home office’ – ie a desk and a chair, don’t worry.  The team at Convert Your Garage can convert your garage into all manner of different rooms for a variety of functions.  For previous customers we have created therapy rooms for massage or beauty therapy and music rooms for music teachers giving you a dedicated space for your piano as well as the more conventional study or home office.  We can divide the space to create a private room with a separate toilet or shower room, or a desk area with a meeting table or sofa space according your your requirements. For other ideas see our website

We look forward to discussing how you would like to convert your garage and your ideas for your home office or home working space.  Give us a call on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939 or get in touch here to arrange a convenient time.