Accommodate Your Growing family, Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom.

convert your garageMoving house is an expensive (and stressful) experience these days, but often our customers feel they need more space than their current property offers.  At Convert Your Garage we are specialists in converting garages into different rooms to give you the additional space you need to live your life in comfort.  Converting your garage might just be the solution you are looking for to resolve your spacial challenges in your home and it will cost a fraction of the price of moving house.

So have you thought about converting your garage into an extra bedroom?  A single garage makes a good sized bedroom and there is even room to add an ensuite shower room as well if you desire.

What do you want from your extra bedroom converted from your garage?

Whoever your new bedroom is for, Jim and the team at Convert Your Garage can ensure you get the bedroom you need.  If you are looking for a youngconvert your garage child’s room you may need to incorporate storage for toys, whereas a teenager may require space for a TV or X-box.  If your new bedroom is for a student then maybe you need a built in desk and shelves for books.  Any of these things are possible.  We have also created bedrooms for elderly relatives or family members with disabilities, which means they don’t have to climb the stairs each night.  Of course, the new bedroom might be a new master bedroom with ensuite – you just need to ask us and we can provide you an extra bedroom where your garage once was.

All the team at Convert Your Garage take great pride in their work – it is simply part of the company ethos, it is what fuels our increasingly well known reputation and what makes our customers come back to us and recommend us again and again…

Each tradesman who came to my home to convert my garage did a first class job. All the guys were polite, friendly and professional, they turned up on time every day, all the materials required for the job were either delivered to site before they arrived or they brought them on the day, I was kept informed at each and every stage, who was due the following day and what they were coming to do. All the rubbish was removed every day and the site was kept clean tidy and safe. The room they created is really lovely and better than we had imagined. Jim promised us a cracking job and he delivered.”

For more information and to arrange a free, no obligation quotation give us a call on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939. Alternatively email:  We look forward to turning your garage into an extra room for your family.convert your garage