Converting your garage into a wet room might just help relieve some pressure around the bathroom at those key times of the day.  Are you sick of family members banging on the bathroom door telling each other to hurry up?  We all know that crucial few minutes we have in the morning when we need to get ready to catch that bus or leave to go to work or school.  Can you imagine if you could access the shower when you needed it because you didn’t have to share it with half the household?  Convert Your Garage has converted thousands of garages across the North West, many including bathrooms, ensuite, shower rooms, toilets or wet rooms.  To see examples of how our garage conversions look from the outside follow this link.

Wetroom image 2

Why Convert Your Garage And What Is A Wet Room?

Many people struggle with limited facilities every day, as we have described above, fighting to get into the bathroom and arriving at work feeling frantic and rushed.  How many of these households have a garage, unused for the family car and standing half empty?  Have you considered the potential of this area as extra space in the house?  If you are worried about losing storage for bikes and lawn mowers etc. then don’t let that stop, you – the team at Convert Your Garage can easily design the space to incorporate storage and access as well as adding an extra bathroom facility for your family.  In fact, if you or your family are keen cyclists, football players or you like the outdoors and regularly come in muddy, then having a wet room near to your back door might be the perfect answer.  Imagine if there was no more mud walked through the house as they could just go straight into the new wet room and get cleaned up?

In fact, some of our clients use their wet room to clean their dog as well so having it downstairs is ideal.

A wet room is designed in such a way that there are few nooks and crannies to clean and no trip hazards as you step into the shower. Water drains away and the whole room is effectively your shower area, maximizing the use of the space and the size of your shower.  To discuss how your garage could be converted into a wet room give Jim at Convert Your Garage a call on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939. Alternatively, email: