Most people will agree that the kitchen is the one room that can often become over cluttered and cramped. The kitchen has become a multi-functional space where we cook, do our laundry, feed pets and more. If you are feeling boxed in, it’s time to consider a garage conversion. At Convert Your Garage ( we offer a professional quality service and can quickly convert an underutilized garage into a valuable, spacious room.

Why Do I Need a Utility Room?

You can make a utility room work for your individual needs. It can be the perfect space to stow away all the unglamorous things that are essential to running a home. In many homes the kitchen diner is open plan and the noise from the washing machine can be extremely annoying. With a utility room this can be a problem from the past. You can design the layout so that the washing machine and other laundry paraphernalia such as washing powder and conditioner, pegs and washing airers are stored away, freeing up vital space in the kitchen.

You may be think you don’t have the space for a utility room, but you can quickly convert your garage into a practical yet stylish space where you can house all the bulky items you don’t need in the kitchen. Hanging washing out to dry all over the house will be a thing of the past. Tripping over pet litter trays, wellie boots, buckets and mops will be a distant memory.

Designing the perfect space

When creating your utility room think primarily about practicality. Think about the types of things you could store away in the utility room and plan cupboard space accordingly. Leave plenty of open space to allow washing to dry and air in winter months and consider other areas of the house such as the hallway – could you store the umbrella stand and winter boots in your brand new room?

Ensure there is an area for cleaning equipment such as mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners and the dustpan and brush. Then marvel at all the space you will create in your home!

Opt for a floor surface that is equally practical such as stone floor tiles. This will ensure its easy to keep clean and ship-shape. It’s a good idea to keep colours neutral and natural as the room will be primarily functional, but there are some great ways add your own style. Country utility rooms can be created easily using wooden work surfaces and natural tones for example.

If you are looking for ways to create space, and add value to your home then it’s time to convert your garage into a utility room. At Convert Your Garage we offer skilled workmanship and outstanding value. Contact our friendly team today on 0161 766 6518/07968064939 or email