Disabled adaptations for a garage conversion can help save money and makes things easier for your family members. When we start a family we understand that we will be carrying our offspring upstairs to bed for many years when they are small, but for parents of children with a disability the necessity to carry their child to bed could be never ending.  As children grow they obviously become heavier and heavier until carrying them upstairs to their bedroom becomes another daily challenge.  What if your child had a purpose built bedroom with ensuite downstairs with all the facilities they needed to help them manage and ease the burden for you – their carers?  Your immediate reaction may be ‘but we haven’t space to put a bedroom downstairs’.  Have you considered converting your garage?  Convert Your Garage are specialists in garage conversions with over 1000 garages converted across the North West.  For examples of some of our garage conversions see our website.disabled adaptations for a garage conversion

We need lots of special facilities to help our disabled child – can you manage all these disabled adaptations?

Covert Your Garage was set up by Jim, an experienced builder and has a number of dedicated teams working full time to provide our customers with bespoke plumbing, electrical, carpentry and building work as required for each particular project.  So whatever you or your disabled child needs we can fit and design to meet your needs.  Jim will first visit your property and talk to you about what you would like to achieve from your garage conversion.  He will then provide you with a no obligation free quotation listing all the elements of your project and the associated costs.  If you need to source particular sanitary wear or equipment to facilitate the safety of your disabled child then we can fit it for you.

disabled adaptations for a garage conversionFactors to consider when designing a disabled adaptations for a garage conversion

There are many factors to consider when designing your garage conversion to provide a special bedroom and ensuite for your disabled family member.  You will probably have some specific requests, based on the particular disability but here are a few to start you off; space for a wheel chair to turn and go through doorways, handles positioned to enable lowering or pulling up or simply for holding onto, shower facilities which can be used sitting down, light switches – style, height and location, maybe you would like the reassurance of an emergency pull cord as well.  We can discuss the materials we use and the styles that both look good and are practical – just ask us for what you think you might need – you will be surprised as to what we can make, fix or provide to solve your problems.

So if you would like to make your life easier and improve the lifestyle of your disabled child then give us a call to discuss your requirements and make arrangements for us to come and visit your property.  With so many garage conversion projects completed, we are the ‘go to’ garage conversion specialists across the North West, whether you are in Manchester, Cheshire or Lancashire contact us on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939. Alternatively email: jim@convertyourgarage.com.disabled adaptations for a garage conversion