Imagine what you could do with an extra room in your Bolton property…  How could a garage conversion Bolton improve your lifestyle and help your family to live together with less arguing and commotion, less friction and congestion?  Convert Your Garage is a team of specialists who have converted well over a thousand garages in Manchester and across the North West including a number of homes in Bolton.  Some people hope to own their dream home, but what if the house you live in now could be that dream home with the addition of another room or useable space?

garage conversion bolton

What room would you create with your garage conversion in Bolton?

Many of our clients know exactly what they want or need to create with their garage conversion, but some just know they need some extra space.  Jim and the team at Convert Your Garage can help you to find the solutions you need to make your life run more smoothly by creating additional space in your Bolton home with a garage conversion. The question is what do you need the extra space to help you and your family with on a daily basis?  You can find some ideas here, or just read on and see which situation best describes your household…

A new bathroom from your garage conversion?

Is the crucial time in your family home in the mornings when everyone is trying to use the bathroom at the same time?  If so, would the addition of a shower room or wet room as part of your garage conversion help relieve the pressure and mean you would arrive at work and school feeling less stressed?

Use your garage conversion for additional lounge space

Perhaps you already have an ensuite and a main bathroom, so the issue for you and your family is in the evenings and weekends when parents and teenagers are trying to entertain friends all in the same rooms?  If this sounds more like your situation then it might we worth considering creating a games room or movie room or additional lounge area with your garage conversion.

garage conversion bolton

Convert your garage into a playroom

It might be that your children are younger and you are tired of tripping over their plastic toys.  Wouldn’t it be great if they could all be shut away in dedicated playroom each night when they are in bed so you can have the rest of the house back for you and your friends.

Create a utility room with your garage conversion

Maybe you don’t have children or they have already left home but your dog is continually leaving muddy paw marks all around the kitchen.  You could use your garage conversion to create a utility room where the dog could be cleaned up before he/she comes into the rest of the house.  A new utility room would also provide an area for muddy boots, wet kit and coats as well as a separate area for your washing machine so you can shut the door on the noisy spin cycle.

It might be that none of the above apply to you, but you still feel like you need the extra space.  Whether it is to allow you or your partner to practice playing a musical instrument without interrupting a favourite TV programme, or to set up a business or office from home or even allow a relative to move in with you, the team at Convert Your Garage can provide you with the garage conversion of your Bolton property to meet your needs. 

To discuss options for your garage conversion whether you are in Bolton or Manchester or anywhere across the North West just give us a call to arrange a free, no obligation quotation on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939.