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Whitefield garage conversionConvert Your Garage, as you may have guessed from our name, is a garage conversion specialist. We have converted over 1000 garages in Whitefield, Prestwich, Bury, Bolton, Manchester and across the North West. You may have seen our branded vans in your neighbourhood. If not, you may not even realise which properties have had a garage conversion as we always match in the bricks to the original house so your new room will seamlessly blend in to fit with your property. If you are looking to expand your living space in your Whitefield home without relocating, then a garage conversion Whitefield may just be the solution.

What room could I make out of my Whitefield garage conversion?

In our experience, you can make whatever room you would like out of your garage conversion Whitefield. On our website you will find a selection of room ideas if you are looking for inspiration, but we can always advise you what might work to suit your particular family needs. Here are some questions which you could ask yourself to guide you;garage conversion room ideas

1. Is there a queue for the bathroom in your house every morning with everyone trying to get ready for school and work?
2. Do you need somewhere to entertain your guests or for teenagers to spend time with their friends instead of cluttering up the kitchen?
3. Are you sick of tripping over children’s toys when you are trying to have a relaxed evening with other adults?
4. Maybe you have a dog and you need somewhere to clean the dog after muddy walks?
5. Perhaps you are sick of the laundry being draped around the kitchen and smelling of cooking or you would like to shut the noisy washing machine in a different room?
6. Are you thinking of working from home but need a purpose built space to allow you to work without being disturbed by family life?
7. Maybe one of your family has mobility issues or is elderly and needs a bedroom and ensuite downstairs with disability access?
8. Do you have some budding musicians in the house who need somewhere to both keep their musical instruments and to practice without dominating the living area?

The list of questions could go on, but you can see that there are many varied needs as to why you might want your Whitefield home to have a garage conversion. Once you have given some thought about what you might need to enhance your lifestyle, contact us to arrange an appointment for a free, no obligation quotation on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939. Alternatively, you can email us We’d love to get started at your garage conversion Whitefield.