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I would like a quotation please.. which way is best to do this?

Sure not a problem!
– You can either call me on my mobile (Jim Allsop – 07968064939) and I will take your details and arrange there and then a preferred day and time to measure up .
– You can ring the office (0161 766 6518) and if no answer leave a message and Ill get back to you.
– You can email me and I will get back to you the same day. E- Jim@convertyourgarage.com

Is there a charge for quotations?

Absolutely not. 100% free and no obligation.

Who will be coming to provide a free quotation?

That will be me of course! My name is Jim Allsop (the gaffer!) and back in the day when I started I did absolutely everything! The measures, the joinery, the plastering, the flooring, organising skips and building regulations and so on…. and then I would visit potential customers in the evening and then when home I would write up the quote from the day before!! This was every day ..it killed me!

I now have trained my staff to run the ship while I continue to build the business and bring in work and arrange skips and building regs and job sheets etc etc… but you will still find me to be on site doing a bit!

Therefore please don’t expect me to turn up in a suit when providing a quotation!!!
I now prefer to meet my customers throughout the day during the week and if not convenient at the weekends. Worst case in the evenings but If I can avoid it I will do my best as like every soul on the planet I’ve had enough come 5.30pm.

Do I need building regulations to convert a garage?

Yes you need building regulations to convert a garage, which we will take care of for you. We inform, pay for and adhere to the building regulations so you don’t have to. Every single garage we have converted has passed building regulations and usually after 2 – 3 weeks from completion you will receive a completion certificate through the post.

How long does an average garage conversion usually take start to finish?

This of course depends on what it is you are converting and what into i.e. bedroom, en suite or extended kitchen etc. On most occasions we are completed within the week.

How much does a garage conversions usually cost?

Every garage is different in size and shape. Some are new houses, some are old, some garages are connected to the house and some are detached. Every customer has a different reason or purpose for converting their garage. We convert garages into play rooms, bedrooms, bedrooms with ensuite, home offices and studies, extended kitchens, utility rooms, living rooms and dining rooms, gyms, games rooms, home cinema rooms, disabled adaptations, granny annexes, dog grooming rooms, home beauty therapy rooms, massage and therapeutic rooms….. you name it we have converted it! So it’s very difficult to answer that question until we have surveyed the proposed garage in person. We do provide a free, no obligation quotation and we are often told by customers that we offer the best value in the business!

What time would you start/finish and do you work weekends?

– We start work at 8am but our team leader is usually there a little earlier!

– We finish at 5pm

– And if it’s ok with the customer and helps us keep on track and complete your job in the week yes will do work the occasional Saturday. Not Sundays.

Would it be messy and would my drive get damaged / be protected?

– We form any opening from the garage side and not the house side and we mop up and tidy our tools away each evening when finishing work.

– We pay for and supply and skip which is included in our quotation and on most occasions it will be housed on the job but we can house the skip at our warehouse should there be any concerns of damaging a perhaps brand new driveway for example.

– We protect the driveway when Bricklaying the front walling and always jet wash when completed.

Do we get a guarantee?

Yes we are backed by the Consumer Protection Association (CPA). We provide a 10 year insurance backed guarantee with all our conversions. Please visit their website www.thecpa.com and validate us as a member – our unique membership number is 2190 . You can also see what previous customers have had to say about our services and much more.

How many garages have you converted?

We have completed approaching 1,000 Garage Conversions all passed on time and paid in full!!!!

Can we speak to any previous customers to see how you carried out your business?

Yes of course, again I can provide you with a few close by garage conversions for you to perhaps take a look and speak with our previous customers prior to work commencing for complete peace of mind.

How long would we have to wait for your services?

We are always booked up in front and have always been in front with bookings…however we endeavour to have you booked in within 3 or 4 weeks prior to booking confirmation. Remember good things come to those that wait!!!

Will a garage conversion add value to the property?

Yes a garage converted into a habitable room be it for a bedroom, office, home cinema room, gym or extended kitchen you can be assured it will add value to your property.

Will you carry out all the work from start to finish?

Yes we will from providing the quotation to even fully decorated we will take care of every individual step by step process in order to provide a stress free completion from start to finish!

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