Garage conversion ideas for the summer

Many people across the world have a garage in their home, however very few people actually use them for storing their cars or other household items. Most of the time this part of the home is generally neglected and simply used to store away junk as people have no clue what to do with this part of their home.

Why not transform your unused garage space into an exciting and functional room that benefits your family’s needs?

Here at Convert Your Garage we are not only here to complete your garage transformation to a high standard but also to offer you some ideas about the type of space your garage could potentially turn into.

  • Summer room

Need somewhere you can relax and escape the scorching sun in the summer months? You could change your garage into a summer room where you can enjoy the cool shade whilst drinking a cold beverage and listening to soothing music.

  • Gym

Are you looking to get fit this summer but don’t want to continually shell out money on expensive membership fees? You have the opportunity to transform your home into a home gym that the whole family can enjoy whenever they like. Having your own gym space also means that you can invest in machinery that you feel will be beneficial to yourself and your fitness plan.

  • New Kitchen

Are you looking to entertain family and friends this summer and want a kitchen where you have enough space to cook and still chat to your guests? You could convert your garage and invest in an open plan kitchen that is full of both flare and functionality.

  • Cinema room

Anyone who lives in this country knows that our weathers isn’t the most reliable! A cinema room may be the perfect solution for those unpredicted rainy nights when you have a barbeque planned. Why not invite your family and friends over to watch a movie in a newly renovated cinema room that was once an unloved garage space?

Interested in converting your garage into a useable and exciting space this summer? Contact us today on 0161 766 6518 to talk to our team. You can also view some other projects we have done to gain some more ideas about what to do with your unused space. /examples-of-our-work/.