Know Someone Who Is Looking For A Garage Conversion in Lancashire?

garage conversion in lancashireProjected population statistics for Lancashire suggest that numbers in the area will rise between 4.5 and 5.9% over the next 20 years (according to Lancashire County Council website).  With many of these people being retirement age and some well beyond, given the country’s trend towards an ageing population, we suspect that there could be increased pressure on housing and suitable accommodation going forwards.  With the number of homes potentially available for sale versus the number of potential buyers possibly increasing the inhabitants of Lancashire and indeed across the North West are invariably going to be looking for alternative options to gain extra living space.  Why go through the expense and upheaval of moving home when you can convert your existing property to suit your increasing needs?  Convert Your Garage ( is a North West based company, who have many years of experience in converting garages into additional living space to accommodate increasing families and families’ needs for extra space as children grow up or indeed elderly parents or relatives move in.

Convert your Lancashire garage for less than the cost of stamp duty?

garage conversion in lancashireDepending on the size and price of a potential new property, Convert Your Garage could provide you with a brand new bespoke room in your house for less cost than the stamp duty of a new home.  On top of that, converting your garage is a lot less hassle and time than moving to a new property.  Firstly, most of our garage conversions are completed within a working week.  We remove all the rubbish and tidy up each day, with our teams of builders, plumbers and electricians arriving promptly each morning.  You don’t have to get to know a new area and routes to places as it all remains familiar, but you get the benefit of increased living space. Our 1000+ customers who have experienced a garage conversion in Lancashire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester have a wide range of reasons why they wanted to create an extra room – here are some of their situations which may also apply to you…

  • Our teenage children need space to ‘hang out’ with their friends whilst allowing us to still watch our favourite TV programsgarage conversion in lancashire
  • I need somewhere to set up my office/studio/study so I can operate my business from home
  • Our dogs need an area where they can come into and be cleaned up after a muddy walk
  • We need a utility room to enable us to manage the laundry outside of the kitchen
  • Our elderly relative is moving in with us but can’t manage the stairs so we need a downstairs bedroom
  • Our children need all the bedrooms upstairs so we need a new master bedroom with ensuite
  • With so many musicians in the house we need a dedicated music room for practice and storage of instruments
  • One of our children is disabled and relies on a wheelchair – a downstairs bedroom would really benefit us all
  • Having opened up the rest of our house we would now like to create a dining room to entertain our dinner guests

So, you can see there are multiple reasons why you might want a garage conversion in your Lancashire home. To discuss your requirements and to book a free no obligation quotation contact us on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939. Alternatively email: