January is the time when lots of us make New Year resolutions to exercise more and maybe even attempt dry January. This year even more so than normal with Covid requiring people to isolate and work from home keeping to these resolutions may be proving difficult.

Have you considered how easy it would be to do a workout whenever it fitted in with your schedule, even if it was just ten minutes here or half an hour there, if the gym was in your own home?

You might think you don’t have space for a gym in your house! Perhaps not but what about in your garage? Convert Your Garage are specialists in garage conversions with well over 1000 garages converted into a range of different rooms to suit customer’s needs and desires.

What are the main benefits of having a Gym in your garage?

There are many reasons why people decide to convert their garages, but usually top of the list is to create more space for a particular member of the family or to create a room for a particular activity, whether that is for work or pleasure. Here are some benefits that you might enjoy if you converted your garage into a gym:

• You fit your exercise routine into your schedule. Having your own home gym gives you the freedom to train when you want to train, whether it’s when the kids are off to sleep, during your favourite television program, or bright and early before the rest of the family is awake.
• No costly monthly gym membership fees. With increasingly high membership prices these days, it makes sense to invest wisely on equipment for yourself.
• Reduce travel costs and time to and from the gym.
• A benefit to having a home gym is you decide which pieces of fitness equipment you enjoy and would like to own. You can select from many different options of cardio equipment, free weights, boxing gear, or fitness accessories.
• Family Time. One of the best reasons to have a home gym is the opportunity to make fitness a family affair. Exercising is a great positive mood booster and having other family members work out alongside you can really make the workout even better. Create an environment where the entire family can spend time together training rather than being occupied with electronic devices or sitting in front of the TV. Everyone will be healthier and happier – this has to be a benefit after the last few years!

All our conversions are fully insulated with garage doors removed and brick walls added with the windows of your choice. Of all our 1000+ garage conversions, Convert Your Garage has completed every one within the time schedule and to budget with 100% pass on building regulations too. To watch a video showing our work scroll down on our home page of our website https://convertyourgarage.com.

So why not get in touch today and help your New Year’s resolution to be achieved more easily by making an appointment for a free no obligation quotation 0161 766 6518. Alternatively, you can email us enquires@convertyourgarage.com.