Housing Prices in the North West Rise

You have probably heard in the news recently that the economy is recovering and that house prices are once again rising. Although the rate in the North West is not as high as in other areas in the country, at 7.1% this is still going to affect the pockets of those of us on the move in Manchester.

Extend or Move?
Converting your garage may be an alternative solution. Many people these days find that their garage just becomes a dumping ground and really is a waste of usable space. Perhaps you were thinking of moving as you need extra space for the children to play, somewhere for your new business venture, or a work space for that hobby or simply more structured storage or an extension of an existing room. Whatever the reason at Freeform Construction we have the experience, skills and knowledge to convert your garage to suit your needs. In fact we can provide the flexibility and ideas to offer you options you may not even have considered, such as converting your garage into more than one room or fitting it out in a different way. To help you with some ideas have a look at what some of our other customers have said in the testimonials section at www.convertyourgarage.net.

Free Visit & Quotation
Freeform Construction are renowned for their attention to detail and ability to come up with solutions to your requirements. So if you would like to discuss the possibilities of converting your garage, then give us a call on 0161 766 6518 and we will be only too happy to pay you a visit and make some suggestions, which we will follow up with a free no obligation quotation.

Presenting your home to sell
Alternatively if you are considering a move in the future, you might want to update your home first or add that extra homely space to make it stand out on your street. Presenting your home in the right way can make an enormous difference to how prospective house buyers perceive your home and the value of the price you are asking. With a wealth of experience in garage conversion we can help you make the right decision for your house, as well as providing the all-important certificates and guarantees. Freeform Construction take great pride in matching up bricks and windows to ensure your house looks like it was built that way. You are unlikely to have any of your potential buyers viewing the house asking if that room used to be a garage, as they just won’t be able to tell!

To make an appointment for us to visit and discuss your garage’s potential contact 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939 or email us jim@convertyourgarage.net. We look forward to helping you with your garage conversion requirements.