How to Convert Your Garage (And Why It’s Best Left to the Experts)

There are so many compelling reasons to convert your garage – but it’s a complex construction task that’s far beyond the capabilities of the DIY enthusiast. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a garage conversion, you’ll need to get the experts in.

Enter Convert Your Garage ( As you’ll have deduced from their name, Convert Your Garage are experts in performing garage conversions, turning that unused, unloved space into an area you’ll really appreciate. Based in Whitefield, they’ve converted garages across Bury, Prestwich, Manchester and Bolton, with many very happy customers.

Here’s how they do it…

Step 1: Install electrics and light fittings

Whatever you’re using your new room for, you’ll need power. Lighting is essential, of course. If you intend to use your converted garage as an office, you’ll need plug sockets for office equipment. And if you fancy a games room, power for TVs and games consoles is a must.

Step 2: Get insulated

Garages aren’t designed for spending long amounts of time in, which is why they’re not insulated like the rooms of your house. However, you don’t want to be shivering with cold in your lovely new room, so you should consider ceiling and wall insulation in your converted garage.

Step 3: New brickwork, roofing and fixtures

Depending on the location and condition of your garage, you may need new brickwork and roofing. What’s more, you may need to relocate fixtures such as meters and extractor fans. Experienced garage conversion experts will identify all this on their initial inspection, so don’t worry about unexpected extra work (and costs) – their initial quote will take everything into consideration.

Step 4: Improve your walls and floors

Your garage probably has bare brick walls and bare stone floors – not very inviting! When converting your garage, you may need new brickwork. Your walls will certainly require plasterboarding and skimming. And flooring of your choice will be fitted too.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Doors and windows are installed and then – congratulations! Around seven days later (on average), your garage is converted!

This is, of course, a simplified overview of how to convert your garage, and the exact process and length of time taken will depend on the proximity of your garage to your house, and what you want to do with your converted garage.

So if you’re based in the Bury, Manchester or Bolton areas, why not see what Convert Your Garage can do?

With a reputation for great customer service (they only work on one job at a time, so you’re always their top priority), high quality construction (100% of their garage conversions have passed building regulations) and extensive experience (over 190 garages converted), you can rest assured your garage conversion is in safe hands.

So make more of your garage. Visit or call 0161 766 6518 to find out how easy it is for Convert Your Garage to convert your garage.