It’s the end of summer and time to start on new projects – like a garage conversion for example…

September is a good time to start afresh now that the summer holidays are over. For some it is back to work and others it may even be time for a change or chance to start something new. At Freeform Construction we specialise in converting garages into usable spaces to suit your ever changing requirements.

Time to get your own office?

Are you struggling to find a space in your house to work amongst the toys, clothes, magazines and bills etc? Why not create your own designated work space? Some of our previous clients simply wanted an office space for all the family to use at home, in effect creating a ‘media room’. On the other hand you may have a long to commute to work and want to have a home office option for those winter days when the roads are impassable or simply to create a satellite base, enabling you to work from home for half the week. Freeform Construction can design and convert your existing garage into a professional work space for you to conduct your business.

Can you really convert our old garage into an office?

Of course – Freeform Construction are specialists in garage conversion with many testimonials and happy customers all around Manchester and the North West. Some of our customers are content for the new room to be part of their house but others wish to conduct their business separately to their home life even though it is under the same roof. If you require the latter we can even look at adding in a toilet to ensure you are self-contained and can receive your own customers on site.

Converting your garage could even save you business costs!

Converting your garage into a dedicated office, in the long term could save you considerable costs in floor rental in an office block, as well as saving you commuting time and fuel/travel costs. You will find that the costs are soon repaid and you get exactly what you want to suit your business requirements.

Storage and fit out

Due to our experience and specialism in garage conversion, at Freeform Construction we have the ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of your space. We can advise you and fit integral storage and desk layouts to your requirements – ensuring your office space is ready to use the day we leave.

Professionalism and efficient working

Freeform Construction understand the need for professionalism in your business and we always aim to finish our projects promptly with the minimum amount of disruption to your lives. Leaving your property clean and tidy is one of our key aims along with consideration for customers on site. As you will see from our previous customers this is our trade mark. You can rely on Freeform for a job well done.

To arrange an informal chat about your garage conversion ideas and no obligation quote, please contact us on 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939 or email us We look forward to our next conversion challenge.