Prestwich garage conversionYou may have seen our vans working in the local Prestwich area.  However, if you have you will have noticed that we are often not around for long as most of our garage conversion projects are completed within a week. Perhaps you have been looking around the Prestwich area for properties, which have had their garage converted to see how they look?  Again you might find it difficult to identify the properties where Convert Your Garage have completed a garage conversion as we aim to match in the brickwork and window types, so your new room becomes a seamless addition to your home.

What are the benefits to a Prestwich garage conversion into another room?

There are multiple reasons why people from Prestwich and around the North West contact us to ask us to convert their garage into an additional room.  Sometimes it is for the benefit of children or teenagers, others need to accommodate an elderly or infirm relative and sometimes it is for a business venture or to enable working from home.  Other people require additional amenities to help the house hold function more efficiently with less arguments and reduced waiting time for the bathroom.  Whatever your requirements as a family, the team at Convert Your Garage will work diligently to ensure you suffer the minimum amount of disruption and before you know it you will have a new room ready to use.  Here are some of the advantages of converting your garage into an additional room for your Prestwich home:

  • convert a garage into roomit gives you extra space taking some of the stress out of family life
  • it gives freedom for teenagers to entertain their friends away from younger siblings or separate from the adults of the house
  • it provides a contained area for all those brightly coloured plastic toys ensuring you have a calm adult area to relax in after the youngsters are in bed
  • it provides a dedicated working area that you can shut the door on at the end of a working day. And also allows you to work in a suitable and comfortable environment instead of balancing your laptop on the arm of the sofa or sitting at the dining table only to have to clear away at meal times
  • For the outdoor lovers, footballers and pets of the house it could provide a much needed utility area for cleaning up muddy boots, kit or paws, containing the dirt to one area rather than having it walked all through the house
  • Some even use the extra space for a bar area or a home gym…

In fact the list could go on, but the choice is yours.  Why not take a look at some examples of the garage conversions our team at Convert Your Garage have completed to see some of the benefits for yourself. When you have decided you are interested in finding out what you could use your Prestwich garage space for, contact us or give us a call to arrange your free no obligation consultation 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939 or you can email: