Take advantage of our services and convert your garage

Are you fed up of having a garage with no use other than to be filled with junk, or a space that just does fit in with your needs?

In recent years there has been an increase in the amount of people wanting to convert their garage into something that works for them. Many people are steering away from more traditional car storage areas and more towards using the extra space to create a unique area that works for the individual.

Why not turn your garage into a work space for you or a play area for your kids? You could even turn your unused area into a new kitchen/dining area depending on garage size in order to create a dynamic and open plan room that would work for your home and family lifestyle.

Here at Freeform Construction we can convert your garage into an insulated habitable room with a heating system, door opening and matching window to the rest of your house to create a natural and original look from both outside and within.

We have completed over 300 conversions to date and pride ourselves in providing a 10 year insurance backed guarantee with all conversions that are carried out so that you can always have peace of mind.
Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority so we aim to deliver our service promptly, efficiently and professionally to ensure that we make your vision of a workable space for your home come into reality.

If you’re interested in converting your garage space into something that works for you then contact us on 01617666518 or email jim@convertyourgarage.net to gain more information about what we can offer you. Alternatively you can download our booklet online or fill in your specific details in order to get a quote.

Want a second opinion about whether to go ahead with your garage conversion? Read a comment below from one of our satisfied customers, or alternatively go to the testimonial page to read more from our clients at www.convertyourgarage.net/testimonials.

March 2014
“Thanks to all at Freeform. You have made what was a useless garage into a fantastic new extension to our home. Really pleased with the efficiency and speed which the job was completed with attention to detail to even the smallest things. Superb job, leaving the beams exposed was a great idea. Our daughter is over the moon with her new playroom!”