Take your spring cleaning to the next level

The spring season is now here and as the daffodils begin to emerge many households are beginning to think about the best time to start their spring cleaning.
It’s important to refresh your home at this time of year as all your furniture and window coverings have been enclosed throughout the winter collecting dust and now need to be revived!
Deep cleaning your home can make you feel refreshed and ready to embrace the warmer spring to summer seasons.

What is ‘Spring Cleaning’ and where does it stem from?
The act of ‘Spring Cleaning’ your home involves thoroughly cleaning a house from top to bottom and refreshing it in any way you like at the beginning of spring.
It’s unknown when this popular tradition first started, however there are a few different theories as many cultures do similar things related to spring cleaning.

    • The Persian New Year is on the first day of spring and they take part in “Khooneh Lekouni”, which translates to “Shaking the House”.
    • The Scottish “New Year’s Cleaning” falls on December 31st.
    • In Jewish culture they thoroughly clean their home each year during spring to prepare for the religious feast of Passover.

Do you want to refresh your home not just by spring cleaning, but by converting an unused area of your home into a useable space?
You could transform your garage space into a habitable room that suits you and your family’s needs!

A dining room
We all know that even in the springtime England has unpredictable rainy days can put a damper on our mood!
What if you had a spacious dining room where you could enjoy a relaxing dinner with family and friends whilst waiting for the warmer weather to return?

A playroom
Everybody wants their kids to be plating outside enjoying time with their friends in the spring and summer months, however sometimes this is just not possible as the weather can often take a turn for the worst.
Why not transform you unused garage space into a play room that your children can enjoy instead of being cooped up in front of the TV waiting for the rain to pass.

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