Martin and Jackie Holland

“Dear Jim,
First up, cheers for a job started and finished on time. That’s easy. what’s harder is saying how pleased we are without sounding like we’ve been bribed. we haven’t, but if you want to, then go ahead! From the first meeting, to the final ’ta-da!’, it’s been a pleasure to have you, Troy and the team work for us.
Initial consultation and estimate service was easy and helpful and I liked that you discussed pros and cons of both the potential ideas we had and were honest about which was easier for you, before agreeing to do the other.
We went with an extension to the front of the garage, freeing up space behind, which has now become a much needed study. The room is perfect and the velux roof provides so much light and airiness.
We left the house open and accessible every day, with complete faith in all who worked. we weren’t disappointed. I took to popping home at lunchtimes, just so I could marvel at the speed, effort and professionalism with which the job was undertaken.
Any minor problems were raised with us, very quickly and didn’t affect the agreed price, with the final building looking really good. I can’t wait to move my new furniture into it.
We shall all really miss Troy, who turned up before first light on the nastiest and coldest of January mornings and got stuck in to his work with relish and professionalism. He was still there, well after 5 each evening, doing the same.
A few years ago, we were badly stung by another builder. Jim understodd some of our reticence about the whole project and went out of his way to reassure and discuss prior to commencement.
Once the work was underway, he didn’t really need to – we could see for ourselves. From talking to the lads, I know they place great value on their ’one job at a time’ mantra. This means for the week (or in the case of us, with building work too, fortnight) they are with you, they are with you. Working for you and with you to deliver the room you want.
Would we recommend – Wholeheartedly.
Will we use them again – oh yes! Saving up to get the kitchen flat roof converted to a pitched one already!!
A building firm that actually do what it says on the tin, at the time they say they’ll do it and the price they say they’ll do it – Priceless!”

(February 2012)