Pam and Rachele Cope – Sale

“Most people read testimonials to pick up on complaints. In this instance you should read no further. THERE ARE NONE.
They came – they saw – they converted.
What a team – 5 star all the way.

Three and a half days [or to be more precise 30 hours] of total, dedicated working. Each trade following on from the other like worker bees resulting in a superb study for us to enjoy for a very long time. To your controller, Dean joiner, Jack and Ryan plumbers, Gaz electrician, Darren, Ryan and Paul plasterers, Grant and Sam bricklayers, Barry [the gopher – most important job] and not forgetting Will the apprentice [hope you did OK in your exams]. Each and every one of you superb in action and polite and courteous in attitude. Better not forget Jim [the gaffer?] even if he was on holiday at the time. Our hats off to you all. If we had another garage to convert you would definitely be first on the list to call.
Many thanks to you all.”

(August 2014)