Saf Jesani – Bury

A big Thank You to all the team at The team did a great job. they were always on time, their work was at exceptionally high standard as the finishing was superb.
We have had decorators come in since to pain the walls after the conversion and they have never seen finishing like this. So Great jobs guys. The service received from Jim was great, he even came out late at night to see us and ensure all the work was going to plan – absolutely amazing.

When Jim came to see us we knew straight away we would go with him, not only because of the competitive price but because he knew exactly what we wanted. He has done so many and the fact garage conversions is his expertise he knows where things should go and can offer expert advise. As soon as he left we decided we would with him simply because apart from knowing exactly what we want within minutes, we felt he was very professional and we could trust him. On top of that he is such a nice guy and that always helps!
Jim sent us a quote so quickly we were amazed, some other builders took 4-5 days and we still haven’t had a quote from a large national company who came to quote us. We were pleased that the quote was very professional, it clearly states what’s included in black and white so its clear for both parties and there is no falling out afterwards. Others simply texted me a price or put one figure in an email, this was broken down with exact jobs that was going to be done. It was very clear and was also one of the main reasons we went with Jim – we knew what we were getting, for example it was clearly stated a wall was to be built to divide the double garage and another door added for access to the remaining garage.

The job itself was amazingly quick, I cant believe how quick it was – it took about 3 and a half days. We couldn’t believe it, he did tell us 5 days which was still great but to have such a good finished job so quick is really amazing. When you compare this to other builders who told us up to 4 weeks to do it, you realise how great the team were. It does help that Jim has a big team, each person has their own role and get on with it so that speeds it up.
Also the fact Jim and his team only do 1 job at a time is a great plus – as you know their full attention is on your job and any problems or small issues get sorted straight away. We were amazed that Jim managed to slot us in at such short notice, he went out of his way to get it done on our timescale and I am fully appreciative as I realise how busy the team are and most people have to wait a lot longer than we did., so a really big thank you for that.

Jim and his team also managed to quote us on other work while he was there which really helped us as it meant we didn’t need to go looking around for more workmen. Also they were great on advising us on other work that was taking place and also gave us some contact numbers which we could use.

A great service and would definitely recommend to anyone. Thanks mate – by the way when its done ill send you some pictures for the website.

(March 2014)