Zoe Stamataki

“Jim and his team are currently working on my extension and garage conversion. My garage was ready to collapse (I am not exaggerating), but they transformed it into a lovely new space. He also created a utility area and a wet room, and they look AMAZING. Not to forget, they also created a storage area, and they decorate it with laminate, put lights etc. Jim’s team are all working really hard, they come in early in the morning and some of them did some overtime to finish off the job on time, and they also worked on Sundays and Bank Holidays non-stop.
I currently have Jim’s decorator doing some work in the house and the joiner putting the final touches and i am done. It took them about 3 weeks to finish off, but my extension and conversion really look fantastic. The materials they used were of top quality. They insulated the house really well, and they also inserted waterproof boards in the wet room. I guess other builders would only have standard boards in the wet area, but Jim really paid attention to the detail.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jim for his top quality work. My neighbour Val has observed Jim’s work from start to finish and she booked him to have her garage converted. One of my friends is a builder, and he commented very highly about Jim’s work. You really need to see the before and the after to believe it, and if you like to come around i will be happy to show you what he’s done. TOP QUALITY!!”

Extension and Garage conversion
(June 2013)