Transform your home – Inside and out

At this time of year many people want to revamp their homes as the summer season gets closer. From brighter colour schemes to new furniture in your rooms and garden – it seems to be a trend that people want to match their homes to the current season!

So why not transform your home into a workable space for you in time for summer?

A kitchen
Did you find yourself struggling for room in your kitchen whilst preparing food for your barbeque last year?
If like many people you enjoy having family and friends round to enjoy the warm weather, then having more space to entertain and cook may be the perfect option for you!

A dining room
We all know that the summer time can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather – one minute it’s nice and sunny, the next it’s forecast to rain!
Having a dining room where you can relax and enjoy a meal with your friends and family is the ideal compromise when you can’t enjoy spending time in your garden.

A chill out room
Have you dreamt of creating a space that your kids can enjoy spending time with their friends whilst taking cover from the unpredictable British weather? Why not turn your dream into a reality!
You could renovate your garage into a ‘chill out’ room where your family can enjoy playing games or watching a movie without them feeling like they are disturbing anybody else.

An office
In the summer months when your kids are off school it can be difficult staying at the office late as sometimes you may feel as though you are missing out.
Why not transform your garage into an office where you can enjoy having the option to work from home? It’s also a space where all your important documents and folders that usually end up all round the house can be safely stored without the fear of losing them!

Are you looking to transform your home inside and out in time for summer? Call us today on 0161 766 6518 here at Convert Your Garage so that we can discuss your ideas and come up with a plan in order to change your unused space in a room that works for you and your family. You can also visit our website to take a look at our previous projects so that you can gain some ideas for your own home.