Why Garage Conversions Are Great For Kids

There are so many things you can do with a garage conversion – especially if you have children. Whether you’re expecting your first addition to your family or you already have a houseful of terrors tearing up the place, converting your garage could be the best thing you ever did! Whitefield-based Convert Your Garage offer garage conversion services across the Manchester area – here are four of their suggestions of how converting your garage can benefit you and your children…

Convert your garage into a child’s bedroom or nursery If you have a new arrival on the way, a garage conversion could create a delightful nursery. Or maybe your children are currently sharing a bedroom, which can be great fun for them – until they reach the age where they decide they need their own space. If so, converting your garage is a convenient way to gain a bedroom without the hassle of moving house.

Convert your garage into a playroom If you’re a parent, no doubt you’re used to your children’s toys being scattered all over the house, and turning up in the most unlikely places! To give your children space to play (and to help you keep your home tidy) you could use a garage conversion to add a playroom to the house. Ideal for keeping toys in one place, or, for older children, the perfect place to play games consoles without tying up the family TV.

Convert your garage into a study – perfect for homework Where do your children do their homework? Their bedroom isn’t ideal – too many potential distractions. Dining room table? Not great if you’re about to serve dinner. With a garage conversion, you could turn that unused garage into a great place for your kids to study in peace and quiet. It could also double as a home office for you.

Convert your garage into a home cinema Keeping the kids entertained can be a challenge, especially during school holidays. The cinema’s always a popular choice, but with the cost of tickets (not to mention popcorn, drinks, sweets and 3D glasses) it’s likely to be a rare treat rather than a regular occurrence. So what if you could have your very own cinema at home? With a garage conversion, this dream could fast become a reality. And with home cinema equipment better and more affordable than ever, now’s a great time to do it. Keep your kids and their friends entertained during the day, and enjoy your favourite films when they’re tucked up in bed.

So why not convert your garage with Convert Your Garage? They’ve carried out around 200 very successful garage conversions across Manchester, Whitefield, Prestwich, Bolton and Bury – all of which have passed building regulations.

Find out more about Convert Your Garage’s garage conversion services in Manchester at www.convertyourgarage.net.